Vicoustic VicFix Base Panel Mounting System - Box of 2

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  • Vicoustic VicFix Base Panel Mounting System - Box of 2
  • Vicoustic VicFix Base Panel Mounting System - Box of 2


Most Vicoustic products are mounted with Foam-Safe Adhesive, such as Vicoustic's Flexi Glue Ultra. However, in some installation situations, you may want to utilize an installation system that can be removed or altered in the future without the headache of removing glue. Some newer Vicoustic EPS backed products are implementing the new J Profile mounting system when you buy the product. Some Vicoustic foam panels will need to be modified with the VicFix Base in order to fit the new J-Profile system.

Made of aluminium the VicFix J Profile is sturdy, but easy to fix on the wall and ceiling. This new accessory simplifies the process of installation of the acoustic panels, making it fast and effective. It also allows the user to interchange absorption and diffusion panels according to his desires or room acoustic objectives, by simply sliding the panels.

VicFix Base allows you to adapt these Vicoustic products to add the J-Profile mounting channel system. In order to adapt the panels, VicFix base is glued to the back of the acoustic panel. We recommend picking up some Flexi Glue Ultra to complete the modification.

Included in the box are 2 VicFix Base panels, 4 J-Profile Channels, Silicone drops, and a measuring gauge. The Silicone drops are for helping prevent your panel installation from sliding off the channel, and the measuring gauge is there to help you with making sure your installation dimensions are accurate in a multiple panel installation.

  • Main Info

    • Dimensions: 595x595x12mm

  • Packaging Information

    • Units/Box: 2

    • Box Dimensions: 630x610x40mm

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