HK Audio LINEAR 5 MK II 115 XA Active Loudspeaker

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  • HK Audio LINEAR 5 MK II 115 XA Active Loudspeaker
  • HK Audio LINEAR 5 MK II 115 XA Active Loudspeaker
  • HK Audio LINEAR 5 MK II 115 XA Active Loudspeaker
  • HK Audio LINEAR 5 MK II 115 XA Active Loudspeaker
  • HK Audio LINEAR 5 MK II 115 XA Active Loudspeaker
  • HK Audio LINEAR 5 MK II 115 XA Active Loudspeaker
  • HK Audio LINEAR 5 MK II 115 XA Active Loudspeaker



Multifunctional mid/high unit with high level output and noticeable structure-borne sound

The LINEAR 5 MK II XA models are compact, flexible, multifunctional mid/high units with impressive range and crystal clear, assertive sound. Due to the multifunctional enclosure shape with slanted monitor edge, they can be operated as low-feedback stage monitors or as powerful mid/high system units in conjunction with the subwoofers. The rotatable horns ensure optimal dispersion even when used on their side – although rotating the horn is not strictly necessary with the 110 XA and 112 XA due to the narrow dispersion angles. Even on small and narrow stages, precise sound coverage is possible without any problems.

Established technology made better

The LINEAR 5 MK II series is the next logical step in the development of the popular LINEAR 5 series. With more power and weighing in at up to 3 kg lighter, featuring more compact dimensions and the added benefit of digital optimisation via the DSP CONTROL software, it takes day-to-day tasks to a whole new level. New series elements, such as the series’ own subwoofers and the LINEAR 5 MK II 110 XA and 115 XA full-range mid/high units, expand the already very extensive range of applications.

Rotatable horns with optimal dispersion angles for each mid/high unit make them ideal solutions for cluster setups or as stage monitors. Sturdy wooden enclosures ensure durability and investment protection. The wide range of accessories for transportation and weather protection, rigging and assembly make LINEAR 5 MK II a reliable workhorse. 

DSP – Powerful and smart

The integrated high-performance DSPs allow tuning of the system with high precision. They provide increased usable sound pressure before distortion sets in and reduce the risk of feedback significantly.

Not only can the four matching presets be accessed directly at the loudspeaker cabinet, but also via Ethernet connection and the DSP CONTROL software for larger system set-ups on a Mac or PC and ad-hoc adjustements.

The DSP Out also allows integration of a non-networked loudspeaker, processing its signal independently of the DSP settings within the loudspeaker using the DSP CONTROL software.

DSP Control – Everything under control at all times and everywhere

Having full control over the entire sound setup, even during the sound check and the show is something that some are already familiar with from large touring systems or the LINEAR 7 and LINEAR 9 series.

HK Audio DSP CONTROL allows remote control of all LINEAR 5 MK II components, from stage monitors to complete PA systems, via network and HK Audio’s proprietary DSP CONTROL software for Mac and PC. The features of the powerful DSPs, such as volume, EQ, limiting, delay and polarity, can thus be accessed directly from the FoH position at any time.

Components that do not have their own DSP technology can be connected to the DSP OUT on the LINEAR 5 MK II speakers and controlled remotely with the same ease. All of the speaker’s DSP functions are available to each DSP OUT, irrespective of and in addition to the DSP setup of the LINEAR 5 MK II speaker.

DSP CONTROL also offers the possibility to access functions such as equalizer, limiter, volume and mute bundled by Sub and Main Groups. This greatly simplifies the management of large speaker setups or multiple venues.

Virtual Units make it possible to create a setup in advance of an event even without connected loudspeakers. On site, the Virtual Units can then be conveniently replaced by the network-compatible loudspeakers of the LINEAR 5 MK II series at the click of a mouse.

Cardioid – Problem solver for professionals in any situation

Professional sound technicians respond to stringent sound insulation requirements, uncontrolled bass dispersion on and behind the stage and a high feedback risk in the lower frequency range with Cardioid technology for the subwoofers. This technical trick is now easily achieved without measurement technology: simply set up, select a preset, and you’re done!

The Cardioid setup attenuates the bass sound pressure of the physically spherically radiating subwoofers behind the subwoofers by up to 34 dB. There is a slight increase in sound pressure of approx. 2 dB in the front sound dispersion. This results in a directional, cardioid radiation pattern.

Cardioid sound reinforcement technology can be used with vertically stacked subwoofers and also with horizontal setups. This is an enormous advantage on low stages. The 1:1 vertical and 1:1 horizontal cardioid presets are unique features.

Robust housings 
Optimized for all application scenarios

The acoustic properties and stability of wood cannot be achieved with any other material in loudspeaker construction. That is why all LINEAR 5 MK II components are built into wooden cabinets made of MDF and birch multiplex. The LINEAR 5 MK II 118 Sub A is completely made of birch multiplex. Despite the robust material, LINEAR 5 MK II is extremely compact and comparatively light. MultiGrip handles ensure easy handling and, together with the optional tilt brackets, provide a secure hold in flight for the mid/high units.

For use as compact, powerful and low-feedback stage monitors, the housings of the LINEAR 5 MK II XA mid/high units are equipped with a 31° monitor slope and offer a safe and firm stand even when lying crosswise. The rotatable horns allow the dispersion angles to be optimally adjusted to the desired setup. The enclosures of the LINEAR 5 MK II FA full-range mid/high units provide more pressure and volume in the bass range.

Smaller, lighter, louder

LINEAR 5 MK II is smaller, lighter and louder than the LINEAR 5 series. With up to 3 kg less weight at the same sound pressure level, the LINEAR 5 MK II 112 XA is the loudest and lightest mid/high unit in its speaker class. The new LINEAR 5 MK II 115 XA offers enormous volume and noticeable structure-borne sound, making it the most powerful and loudest mid/high unit in the series.

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  • Max. SPL @ 10 % THD 130 dB half space (70 Hz – 12 kHz averaged)
  • Max. SPL Peak @ 10 % THD 138 dB half space
  • Frequency response +/-3 dB 64 Hz – 12 kHz
  • Frequency response -10 dB 59 Hz – 19 kHz
  • Power amp output (RMS/Peak) 600 / 1,200 W
  • Amplifier type Class D – bi-amped
  • Low/mid speaker 1 x 15", 3" voice coil
  • HF driver 1", 1.7" voice coil
  • Horn characteristics 70° x 50° CD horn, rotatable
  • Active x-over frequency 1.6 kHz FIR X-over with 72 dB/oct.
  • Maximum input level 20 dBu
  • Analogue inputs 1 x XLR combo balanced
  • Analogue Thru 1 x XLR balanced
  • DSP Out 1 x XLR balanced
  • Network port EtherCON RJ45, 1 x In
  • Filter presets Flat, Monitor, Low Cut, Remote
  • Remote software DSP CONTROL (Windows, Mac OS)
  • DSP functions Fully parametric 10-band EQ with variable filter characteristics, High-Pass Filter, Low-Pass Filter, Polarity, Level, Delay, Limiter, Mute
  • Sample rate 48 kHz
  • System latency Less than 2 ms
  • Mains connection 1x IEC connector with V-Lock securing system, 100-240 V
  • Power consumption 1 A / 100–240 V nominal according to EN 62368-1
  • Setup angle 31°
  • Pole mount DuoTilt 3°/7°
  • Rigging points 3x M8 (AP-8)
  • Carrying handles 2 x MultiGrip, 1 x SingleGrip
  • Housing Hybrid (birch multiplex/MDF)
  • Surface Black acrylic enamel
  • Front grille 2 mm metal grille backed with black acoustic foam
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 45 x 68.5 x 42 cm 17-23/32 x 26-31/32 x 16-17/32"
  • Weight 27.6 kg / 60.85 lbs
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