Eventide Anthology II To Omnipressor Plugin Crossgrade

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A2 to Omnipressor
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The Eventide Anthology II to Omnipressor Professional Compressor / Limiter Plugin crossgrade is available for registered owners of Anthology II Plugin Bundle. The iLock account must be provided.

A double-knee compressor/limiter, the Omnipressor has the unique ability of simultaneously compressing and expanding audio; it is capable of extreme compression, limiting, expanding, and dynamic reversal.  Now, this software plug-in of the Omnipressor is available for the first time for Pro Tools AAX, VST for PC, and AU.

Originally described as a "professional-quality dynamic modifier", the Omnipressor rapidly became a very popular studio dynamics piece. Its unique Function knob allowed the engineer to move from Noise Gate effects through dynamic reversal - an effect that reverses a sound's envelope making loud sounds quiet, and quiet sounds louder. This control, combined with unique gain and attenuation controls, lets you produce extremely aggressive dynamics with very little tweaking. A cymbal, for example, can be made to sound "reversed" by setting a fast Attack and setting Function near its CW limit. The diagram below illustrates the wide ranging Function control.



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